Which Factors Should Be Considered By The Network Engineers Before Buying Networking Cables?

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To give your Ethernet cable network a clean and tidy look, you must select them with great care and caution. One wrong decision makes the look of your network extremely messy and miserable. It will make it very difficult for you to keep the tracking of networking cables properly.

Usage of inappropriate and low-quality Ethernet cables while designing a network may cause hardware failure or high maintenance costs. Therefore, the selection of the right networking cables with the best quality is necessary to design an efficient and effective network. It makes network maintenance easier and cost-efficient.

In this article, we will describe 5 important factors that should be considered by the network engineers before purchasing the Ethernet cables. It helps them in designing an efficient networking system whose maintenance cost will be much cheaper in comparison to a network that is designed using inappropriate cables and accessories.

Labeling of Network Cables: –

In any network structure, locating the right wires at the required time is one of the main tasks. This becomes very easy in case you label your Ethernet network cables during the designing process. Labeling network cables is never been an easy thing to do as it requires plenty of time and hard work from you.

Believe us, it is worth consuming time on it and putting your hard work into it as it proves very beneficial for you in the long run. Label each network cable and other cables in your network according to their function and usage. This helps you a lot during the troubleshooting time.

Networking Cable Measurements and Cuttings: –

There is an old saying that measures twice and cuts once. This saying is a piece of perfect advice for network engineers. When it comes to the measurements and cutting of Ethernet networking cables, it should be done very carefully.

They need to take proper measurements of a network place or a room where they are going to install them. This gives them a clear picture of the requirements of the length of the networking cables. It takes their little time and effort in taking these measurements but it saves a lot of money as extra cable cuttings are avoided through this method.

Ethernet cables are quite expensive. Especially, the category 6 Ethernet cables like Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper and Cat6a Plenum Cables. Therefore, measuring the network place properly before cutting the networking cables saves extra cuttings. This reduces the cable cost while preparing a networking design.

Color of Cables: –

Ethernet cables are available in the market in different colors. You will find all Ethernet category cables in several colors such as yellow, blue, and other. It is a good option for you to use different color cables in your networking design. It allows you to recognize cables easily afterward.

For example, if you are designing a network where more than one room exists or there are separate departments in a big hall. You can give each room or department a separate color networking cable. This helps you to locate the problems easily in the network in the future. You don’t need to check every cable during troubleshooting. The color of the cables helps you in tracking the problem more quickly.

Bends Damage Networking Cables: –

Networking cables are very sophisticated by nature. They can easily be damaged when they get bend too much. This is why network engineers need to take care of this issue very carefully. They should use proper casing on the bends to take care of the cables.

The damage of cable may cause low speeds, poor data transmission, and others. Once the cable gets damaged, it is not repairable. You need to take out the whole cable and install a new one which would be a huge problem for you. This is why proper care is the best solution to this problem. Do not bend the cables too much and where ever it is required to be done. It should be done with extra care and caution. The Ethernet cables like Cat6a Plenum 1000ft and Cat6 Plenum comes with different bending capacities. You need to check it carefully before installing them.

Cheap and Low-Quality Cables: –

It is highly recommended not to use low-quality Ethernet cables in the networking solutions. It may reduce your initial cost of designing a network but in the long run, it hurts you a lot. You will start facing different sorts of troubleshooting problems very soon.

This not only impacts negatively on your work but also increases the maintenance cost to a large extent. So, the money you saved during its design will be returned at double the cost of its maintenance. Select the Ethernet cables according to your usage and requirements. If you use low capacity Ethernet cables for a network very a team of 100 individuals using this network. It reduces the speed and data transmission efficiency of the network. Consequently, the work of 100 individuals will be negatively impacted due to its less efficiency.

WhizCables is providing top-quality products to its customers. We understand the needs and requirements of the networks. Therefore, we give our honest suggestions on the selection of Ethernet cables to our customers who are buying them from us. This provides the long-run benefits and they remain trouble-free for a long time.