Jacket: –

It is a CMX outdoor direct burial Ethernet cable with a polyethylene jacket. The cable comes with a flooded gel compound. This compound makes the cable further secure to be used outdoors. It keeps the cable safe from external environmental factors like rain, sunlight, and others. The cable life is enhanced and keeps running for a long time without creating any trouble for the users.

Conductor Wires: –

It has four unshielded pure copper twisted pairs of conductor wires. These 24 AWG twisted pairs of copper wires work perfectly as a conductor. They are insulated with PE tape in different colors. Unique color-coding of the wires helps the users in identifying them easily.

Speed & Bandwidth: –

The cable is efficient enough to perform up to an extended bandwidth of 350MHz. It provides up to 1Gbps data transfer speed to the networks.

Packaging: –

You can buy this cable in an EZ-Pull box packaging. Each box comes with a 1000ft cable length. The cable comes with sequential marking on it after every one foot. These markings bring convenience for the users to cut the cable lengths properly.


This Cat5e cable proficiently supports all applications of category 5. Some of them are Ethernet 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-VG, and 155 ATMs. They are excellent for applications running at high bandwidths like 622 ATMs.


ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B.2.1 Category 5e Swept to 350MHz.

Manufacturing Design

Rating CMX
Conductor Wires Material/Size 24 AWG Solid Copper
Total Twisted Pair Wires 4
Outer Jacket Material Polyethylene
Inner Jacket Material Polyester Tape
Flooding Compound Water Blocking Gel
Nominal Overall Cable Diameter 0.185 in.
Cable Length 1000ft.
Cable Weight/1000ft. 20lb
Insulation Colors Blue paired with White/Blue

Orange paired with White/Orange

Green paired with White/Green

Brown paired with White/Brown


Electrical Features

Operating Temperature Installation: 0°C to 50°C

Operation:  -60°C to 60°C


Velocity of Propagation 70%
Mutual Capacitance 14 pF/ft. Nominal
Capacitance Unbalance 330 pF/ft. max
Max D.C.R 28.6 Ω/1,000 ft.
Max D.C.R Unbalance 3%
Max Bend Radius 1.0 in.
Characteristic Impedance From 0.772 MHz – 100 MHz 100Ω± 15%

From 101 MHz – 250 MHz 100 Ω ± 22%

From 251 MHz – 350 MHz 100 Ω ± 32%




Weight 20 lbs


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