The use of 60V PoE gigabit Ethernet surge and lightning protector enhances the lifespan of the attached devices and cables to a great extent. Especially, they are an excellent option to be used with the coax cables. Normally, it is used in the outdoors to protect the devices from lightning surge and atmospheric moisture. It is designed in a container shape that can be locked for safety purposes.

60V PoE gigabit Ethernet surge and lightning protector is fixed inline on a RJ45 Cat6a/ Cat6/Cat5e cable to secure the electronic gadgets attached with them. It protects the system devices from high voltages, lightning strikes, or PoE overvoltage. Regardless of the main safety (an immediate attack to a line), the thunder arrestor likewise offers supporting safety that will stop EMF actuated surges.

They come with gas release tubes (GDT) with four sets of wires for better performance against all types of surges such as energy taking ability despite of frequency difference. It tends to be obstructed by a gas release tube surge arrestor. It provides a complete flash release control execution. Basically, gas discharge tubes disseminate the voltage transient with the help of a contained plasma gas.

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Quality Features
Max. Current Discharge (8/20μs) 10 KA
Minimal PoE Voltage <60 V
PoE Current up to 2A
PoE Mode Support Mode A & Mode B for Power
Protection Modes Line-Line, Line-Ground
Tested Standards IEC 61643-21, IEC61000-4-5
Clamping Voltage Line-Ground 72 Volts
Clamping Voltage Line-Line 72 Volts
Impedance 100 Ohms
Operating Temperature -40 C to +80 C




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