In network cabling different types of connectors are used. AISG connector based RET protector is specially designed for radio frequency infrastructures with AISG based systems. The connectors are compliant with AISG EIA-485 layer 1 systems. They are capable of providing protection to both data and power supply lines.

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Protocol  AISG 1.1 : AISG 2.0
Signal Data and DC
Power Line insertion Resistance Max. 0.5 ohm
Data/Signal Line Insertion Resistance Max. 1.0 Ohm
Overcurrent Protection PTC fuse
SPD type 7 x bipolar gas tubes, & PTC fuse
Maximum Operating Current 4 A (at 50 C)
Maximum Operating Voltage 60 V
Maximum Impulse Current 25 KA
Maximum Dynamic Overvoltage < 700 V
Static Overvoltage < 100 V



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