Description: –

Jacket: –

It is an Ethernet cable with a polyethylene outer jacket. The inner jacket is made of PVC material. It is one of the best category 5 Ethernet cables that can be used outdoors. A sturdy and durable outer jacket keeps it safe from external environmental factors such as rain, moisture, and sunlight. It is one of the best outdoor direct burial Ethernet cables.

Conductor Wires: –

It is a horizontal 24 AWG Ethernet cable with shielded pure solid copper conductor wires. There are 4 twisted pairs of conductor wires are present in it. Each of them comes in unique color coding for easy identification. These pure copper conductor wires enhance the performance level of the cable to a great extent. The conductor wires are shielded with an extra Aluminum coating that enhances its performance against interference factors to a great deal.

Speed & Bandwidth: –

It is capable of providing a data transfer speed of 1Gbps up to a distance of 100 meters. The cable is tested to an exceeded bandwidth of 350MHz.

Packaging: –

You can buy this cable in a 1000ft reel packaging. The cable comes with sequential markings on it after every foot to make its cutting easy for the users. It is available in different colors. Check the availability of color before placing an order.

Applications: –

This cable efficiently supports all category 5 applications. Some of them are Ethernet 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-VG, and 155 ATMs.

Ratings/Approvals: –

Exceeds TIA 568C.2, ISO/IEC 11801, And YD/T1019 Specifications, RoHS Compliant.

Manufacturing Design

Rating CMX
Conductor Wires Material/Size 24 AWG Solid Bare Copper
Total Twisted Pair Wires 4
Outer Jacket Material Polyethylene
Inner Jacket Material Polyester Tape
Shielding Aluminum
Drain Solid Tin Copper
Nominal Overall Cable Diameter 0.255 in.
Cable Length 1000ft.
Cable Weight/1000ft. 33lb
Insulation Colors Blue paired with White/Blue

Orange paired with White/Orange

Green paired with White/Green

Brown paired with White/Brown

 Electrical Features

Operating Temperature Installation: 0°C to 50°C

Operation:  -60°C to 60°C


Velocity of Propagation 70%
Mutual Capacitance 14 pF/ft. Nominal
Capacitance Unbalance 330 pF/ft. max
Max D.C.R 28.6 Ω/1,000 ft.
Max D.C.R Unbalance 5%
Max Bend Radius 2.0 in.
Characteristic Impedance From 0.772 MHz – 100 MHz 100Ω± 15%

From 101 MHz – 250 MHz 100 Ω ± 22%

From 251 MHz – 350 MHz 100 Ω ± 32%




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