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About the Cable:

These non-booted Cat6 Ethernet patch cables are made with 100% pure copper, which delivers networking at Gigabit Ethernet speeds over short distances. Bandwidth tested up to 550MHz. The cable jacket is made out of PVC (CM).

These cables are known for high-performance and better cost.

Cat6 Patch Cables are used in:

These cables are just right for office or home networking use. These are regularly used networking cable at homes and other places. Cat6 Ethernet patch cables connect computers with devices such Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems and Patch Panels.

This non-booted version is better choice for high-density applications such as patch panels.


These patch cables have 100% pure copper conductors which are stranded, this adds to better data transmission and resistance, shrinking chances of cracking.


Connecters used in this patch cable are RJ45 with plating for better and stronger signal transmission.


  • Connectors : RJ45
  • Cable: Type Cat6
  • Shield Type: Unshielded Twisted Pairs
  • Booted: No
  • AWG : 23 AWG
  • Bandwidth: 550 MHz
  • Jacket: PVC (CM)
  • Conductor Type: Stranded
  • Conductor Material: Pure Copper
  • Connector Plated or Non-plated: Plated
  • No Ripcord and No spline
  • Colors Available: Blue and White

Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White, Yellow


1ft, 2ft, 5ft, 7ft, 10ft


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