It is ranked as the best Outdoor Cat6 Double Shielded Ethernet cable due to its double shielding feature. DC-2022 Cat6 cable comes with double-shielded S/FTP twisted pairs of conductor wires of 23 AWG. The extra shielding provided in this cable enhances its performance against interference factors like crosstalk and EMI to a great extent. This makes it the best choice to be installed outdoors in any network cabling structure.

With that, it also possesses a center spline with Aluminum foil shielding. The UV-rated cable works perfectly outdoors as it supports 10/100/1000Mbps. Outdoor Cat6 double shielded FTP 1000ft cable is the best option for data transfer and phone lines applications.

Additional Information

Outer Jacket


Ethernet Cable Type


Ethernet Cable Application

Burial, Outdoor, Tower

Quality Features

Mylar Aluminum, Double Shielded, S/FTP, Aluminum coated copper braid / 95% Coverage


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Outdoor Cat6 Double Shielded DC-2022 – Outdoor Cat6 Double ...


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