Network engineers use different tools to protect their network devices from damage. A PoE injector with lightning arrestor is one of them. This power injector lightning arrestor comes with a unit installed with super quick gas cylinders and diodes with high current. It protects the network devices from lightning strikes and current fluctuation effectively.

Whizcables is offering this gadget to the customers at an economical price. It is a tested and a certified product by the quality check regulatory bodies of the US. It meets or exceeds their set performance levels efficiently. Place your order now and receive this amazing product at your doorstep.

DC Voltage Range 0 – 60 V DC
V + Pin 4 & 5
Ground Pin 7 & 8
DC Jack 2.5mm Center Position
Dimension 3.1” x 2.2” x 1.1”
Surge/Lightning Protection Specifications
Insulation Resistance at DC 50V >=1 G Ohm
Capacitance at 1MHz <=1.5 pF
Impulse Life, wave form 10/1000, 300 Operations 200 A
Nominal impulse discharge current, wave form 8/22, 10 Operations 10 KA
Nominal Alternating Discharge Current, 10 Operations 50 Hz, 1s 10 Arms



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