RF telecom infrastructure requires special types of coaxial cables to perform well. RET control cable 1000ft spool in one of them. It comes with some special features and qualities to improve the working of the whole system. These infrastructures have electrical tilt (RET) systems and this coax cables supports their working in the best way.

The outer jacket of this cable is made from fire-resistant material known as Polyethylene. This makes the cable safe and secure to be installed at any place in the building structures. With that, our coax cables are tested and certified by the regulatory bodies of the US.

You can buy it with confidence from Whiz cables and fulfils your data transmission needs efficiently. It is available in a 1000ft spool packaging with standardized markings on it after every single foot. We will deliver your order at your doorstep for your convenience and support.

Manufacturing Design

2 x 24 AWG (1xTwisted Pair) (DATA)
Inner Wire Material Stranded Bare Copper
Diameter (mm) 19/0.16
Insulation Material HD Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 1.45
Color  White / Brown
4 x 20 AWG (POWER)
Centre Conductor Material Stranded Tinned Copper
Diameter (mm) 41/0.16
Insulation Material HD Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 1.90
Color Red / Black / Green / Blue
Direction Z
Wrapping PET Mylar
First Outer Conductor Material Aluminum Foil
Overlapping ≥ 115%
Second Outer Conductor Material Tinned Copper Braid
Diameter (+/-0.01mm) 0.12
No. of wires 192
Coverage (+/-3%) 90
Filler PP
Outer Jacket PVC
  Diameter (mm) 8.20


Mechanical Features

Minimum Bending Radius
Installation 8 x D
Before Tensile Strength (MPA) ≥13.8
Aging Elongation (%) ≥100
After Tensile Strength ≥85
Aging Elongation ≥50
Cold Bend (-20 ±℃×4hrs) No Crack
Temperature Range (C) -20 to +75
Maximum Conductor DC Resistance (DATA) < 87.60 ohm/km
Maximum Conductor DC Resistance (Power) < 2.86 ohm/km
Minimum Insulation Resistance 5000.00 MΩ·km



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