The corrugated coaxial cables are highly appreciated for fulfilling the data transmission, video, and voice communication needs of modern-day customers. These cables come with extra qualities and features that enhances the performance level of network cabling structures to a great extent. RFC-14S-50 ¼” corrugated super flex cable is one of them.

It is a certified cable from the US regulatory bodies. The cable meets or exceeds the set performance standards by them. You can buy it from Whiz cables at the best lowest prices. It is available in a 500ft and 1000ft convenient spool packaging. We will deliver your orders at your doorsteps in a quick time.


Manufacturing Design
Inner Wire Material Copper Clad
Diameter (mm) 1.90±0.03
Insulation Material Foamed PE
Diameter (mm) 4.85±0.15
Outer Conductor Material Helical corrugated copper tube
Diameter (mm) 6.4±0.15
Jacket Type Material LLDPE
Diameter (mm) 7.50±0.15


Mechanical Features
Bending Radius (mm) Single Bend 13
Repeated Bend 25
Tensile strength 600
Cable weight (kg/km) 70
Recommended Temperature Storage -70 – +85
Installation -40 – +60
Operating -55 – +85


Electrical Features
DC Resistance Of Inner Conductor (Ω/km) 10.45
DC Resistance Of Outer Conductor (Ω/km) 7.02
Capacitance (pF/m) 80
Velocity (%) 83
Dielectric Strength (KV) 2.0
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/km) >1×104
Peak Power Rating (KV) 13.4
Peak Voltage (V) 1200
Cut-Off Frequency (GHz) 25.0
Characteristic Impedance (Ω) 50




Weight 70 lbs

500ft, 1000ft


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