RFC series coaxial cables come with great features and qualities. RFC1807A – Dual Coax 75Ohm Coaxial cable is one of them. It is a great option for the users to fulfil their data transfer needs in an efficient way.

The coax cables available at Whiz cables are tested and certified. Our cables meets or exceeds the set quality standards from the regulatory bodies of the US. We deliver high-performance cables to our customers at the best lowest prices in comparison to other sellers in the market. You can buy this cable in a convenient spool packaging from us. The cable comes with standard marking on it after every foot to make its usage easier and convenient for the users.

Manufacturing Design

Inner Wire Material Stranded Tinned Copper
Diameter (mm) 7 ± 0.127
Insulation Material Foamed Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 1.60
Outer Conductor Material Spiral Tinned Copper Braid
Diameter (mm) 0.12
Jacket Type Material PVC
Diameter (mm) 2.98 x 6.10


Mechanical Features

Bending Radius (mm) Single Bend 8.0
Repeated Bend 30
           Max. Pulling Tension (N) 85
           Crush Resistance of cable (Load of 700N) < 1%
           Admissible Ambient Temperature (C) -20 – +75
Recommended Temperature (C) Storage -70 – + 85
Installation -40 – +60
Operating -55 – +85


Electrical Features

Impedance (Ω) 75
Capacitance (pF/m) 58
Velocity Ratio (%) > 78
Inner Conductor Wires- DC Resistance < 220.00 ohm/km
Outer Conductor – DC Resistance <25.00 ohm/km
Dielectric Strength (VRMS) 1000.00
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/km) >1×104
Jacket Sparker (VRMS) 3000.00


Frequency Attenuation (At 20℃)

1 MHz 2.20 dB/100M
5 MHz 5.00 dB/100M
10 MHz 7.60 dB/100M
30 MHz 13.75 dB/100M
50 MHz 18.40 dB/100M
100 MHz 27.40 dB/100M
200 MHz 40.80 dB/100M
400 MHz 60.90 dB/100M
700 MHz 84.00 dB/100M
900 MHz 97.00 dB/100M
1000 MHz 103.00 dB/100M



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