Coaxial cable is the best tool to fulfil the data transfer, video, and voice communication needs. These cables are mostly used by the internet providers, telecommunication companies, and residential users. RFC-400-FR is one of the advanced variants of coax cable.

It comes with some great features like its outer jacket is made of a special material known as LSZH-FRPE (low smoke zero halogen- Fire retardant polyethylene). This material makes the cable extremely safe to be installed in the building structures. This material resists the fire expansions and do not produce any toxic smoke in case of burning.

Whiz cables always deliver high-quality products to its customers. Our RFC-400-FR is the best example of it. It is certified from the regulatory bodies of the US. It meets or exceeds the set quality standards efficiently. Order now! We will deliver it to your doorstep in no time.


Manufacturing Design

Inner Wire Material Solid CCA
Diameter (mm) 2.74
Minimum Break Strength (N) 640
Insulation Material Foamed Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 7.24
Centricity (%) ≥ 90
Adhesion (@ 25mm) 10 to 100N
First Outer Conductor Material Bonded Aluminum Foil
Diameter (mm) 7.39
Overlapping % ≥ 115
Second Outer Conductor Material Tinned Copper Braid
Diameter (mm) 0.15
No. of Wires 192
Jacket Type Material LSZH-FRPE
Diameter (mm) 10.29
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) ≥ 16.2
Elongation at break % ≥ 700 %
Adhesion (@ 50mm) 20 to 80N
TPE Compound DW9023B-2C (IEC60332-3)
Smoke Index Test Method IEC 61034-2
Toxicity Index Test Method IEC 60754-2


Mechanical Features

Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 25.4
Max. Pulling Tension (N) 740
Crush Resistance of cable (Load of 700N) < 1%
Admissible Ambient Temperature (C) -40 – +85


Electrical Features

Impedance (Ω) 50
Capacitance (pF/m) 78
Velocity Ratio (%) > 85
Inner Conductor Wires- DC Resistance (ohm/km) < 4.60
Outer Conductor – DC Resistance (ohm/km) <  5.40
Peak Power rating (Kw) 16.00
Cut Off Frequency (GHz) 16.20
Dielectric Strength (VAC) 1600.00
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/km) >5,000
Voltage Withstand (VDC) 2500
Screening Factor at 1 – 1000MHz (db) >90


Frequency            Attenuation (at 20 ℃)

30 MHz                0.67        dB/100Ft
50 MHz                0.88        dB/100Ft
100 MHz             1.31        dB/100Ft
150 MHz             1.52        dB/100Ft
220 MHz             1.86        dB/100Ft
450 MHz             2.71        dB/100Ft
900 MHz             3.90        dB/100Ft
1500 MHz           5.12        dB/100Ft
1800 MHz           5.67        dB/100Ft
2000 MHz           5.97        dB/100Ft
2500 MHz           6.77        dB/100Ft
3000 MHz           7.62        dB/100Ft
5800 MHz           10.8        dB/100Ft



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