The use of high-quality adapters in the network cabling structures improves the performance to a great extent. Our SMA male to QMA male adapter is specially designed to be used with the coaxial cables. It improves the performance of the coax cables to a great deal.

It is a certified and tested adapter by the quality check regulatory bodies of the US. Therefore, you can buy it with confidence from Whizcables. It meets or exceeds their set performance standards efficiently. For our customer’s convenience and support, we deliver their order at their doorsteps in quick time. Place your order now and receive high-quality product from Whizcables.

Manufacturing Specifications
Description Quantity Material Finish
Body 1 Brass Nickel
Pin 1 Brass Gold
Insulator 1 TEFLON None
Ground Ring 1 Brass Nickel
Shell 2 Brass Nickel
Retaining Ring 1 Be Cu Nickel
Washer 1 Steel Nickel
Gasket 1 Silicone Nickel



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QMA Male Adapter SMA Male to QMA Male Adapter