We provide different types of network adapters to our customers. These adapters are used with the network cables to connect them with the radio frequency devices properly. Our TNC female reverse polarity to type N female adapter is a high-performance adapter. It is mostly used with the coaxial cables. It help the coax cables in performing well and maintain their good performance throughout their utility.

It is available at the Whizcables. You can buy it from us with confidence as our adapters are tested and certified by the quality check regulatory bodies of the US. Their high-performance and quality is guaranteed. Place your order now and we will deliver it to your doorstep for your convenience.

Manufacturing Specifications
Description Quantity Material Finish
Body 1 Brass Nickel
Pin 1 Brass Gold
Dielectric 2 TEFLON None
Press Fit Ferrule Stud 1 Brass Nickel



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